Wednesday, May 27, 2009

NH News Site

The first online-only, citizen-written news site in the state Now Hampshire. I can't tell if it has a conservative slant, or none, but it at least allows a conservative perspective. Try it out.

Note to non-Newenglanders: Now Hampshire is a double joke, playing off not only New Hampshire, but Cow Hampshire, which is what folks from Massachusetts call us. So do people from Maine and Vermont, but they say it approvingly. "Now Hampshire" makes me cringe a bit - rather like the old "Cool Britannia" campaign in the UK. But I can't think of a better title offhand.


Gringo said...

Sorry. Don't need no Now Hampshire. All I ever needed to know I read in the Union Leader.

Some years ago I had a wisecracking classmate from Manchester-in a place far from NE. My reply was: what could one expect from someone whose thought processes had been deformed by reading the Union Leader?

anna said...

i am from maine and i have never heard it called cow hampshire... besides which maine is more 'cow' than new hampshire... weirdness....