Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Comparison Of Freedoms

Shannon Love at Chicago Boyz points out that progressives are using sex to sell the loss of freedom. Specifically, that same-sex marriage rights are being regarded as the only important freedom issue of the day to disguise the tendency of the left to reduce freedoms in every other sphere. She posts a rather dramatic scorecard on this. Some of the commenters raise good points in opposition to her scorekeeping, but I think she defends herself well.

Within the essay she links to one she wrote 18 months ago with the provocative premise Leftism as an ideology exists to provide a mechanism for advancing the economic interest and social status of articulate intellectuals. I would have chosen a word other than "articulate" in that context, as there is a social element, a cultural-fashion aspect as well. But the point bears some similarity to my cultural tribes series of posts.

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ELC said...

Let's come up with something better than "articulate". How about "self-important"? That was only the first word that came to mind. :)