Thursday, May 07, 2009

Another View

I have mentioned in several posts the difficulty in bringing people news that they don't want to hear - that life can be hard. I have not gone along with the idea that conservatives just need to market themselves better. I maintain that there is a certain sting to reality that people don't want to deal with, and we are up against that as well.

Filmmaker Leigh Scott has a different view, and I thought you should see it.


David Foster said...

Particularly awful from a marketing standpoint: political direct mail. I get a lot of such, mostly conservative, and it's very, very lame. The only comfort is that the leftish stuff I sometimes get is usually pretty bad, too.

I think every industry forever bears the stamp of its time of greatest growth and triumph, and in the mind of the direct-mail industry, it's always the early 1950s, or at least some imagined archtype of the early 1950s. ("Look, maw! We got us a MAIL thingy from these people back east! And it calls us by our NAMES! And it has some kind of LONG NUMBER on it and says it's REAL important and we shouldn't throw it away! Let's open it right now!"

Assistant Village Idiot said...

Great image, David.