Saturday, May 02, 2009

Anadama Bread

I keep taking a flier on anadama bread about once a year, hoping it will taste like the old Pepp'ridge Fahm Corn and Molasses bread. It never does.

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Gringo said...

I do not recall eating the Pepperidge Farm Corn and Molasses Bread, but my mother made Anadama bread fairly often. Good bread, like all bread my mother made, but I have no idea how it compared to the commercial version.

One advantage that homemade bread has over the commercial version is being able to eat it warm, straight out of the oven. Anadama bread I especially recall as being good still warm.

I liked the story of how Anadama bread originated- true or not.

A childhood friend wrote a cook book on American Cooking that was supposed to be encyclopedic, but did not include a recipe for Anadama bread, in spite of the author's New England origins.