Monday, March 09, 2009

Unclear On The Concept

A co-worker today stated she thought a lot of people were apprehensive about the enormous spending Obama and the Democrats had proposed and were "hoping that it works" to save the economy. They don't get it. His goal is to change American society, not save the economy.

The bailouts, I grant you, he probably does hope/think will rescue the economy. You may well argue whether that will actually happen, but I give him credit for the intention - especially as neither Bush nor McCain were likely to have been a substantial improvement on that score.

But the stimulus is "things we should have to be a better country." Some of them I even like - heck, what's not to like except the jaw-dropping cost? Okay, some of it's useless and most of that is rewarding Democratic constituent groups, which is a net evil; but highways, research, upgrading the electrical grid - sure! Except we really can't be serving foie gras to everyone, now can we? Foie gras and cocaine, actually.

And the budget is absolutely a "no, it would be better if America did this instead of that" enterprise. Not that we voted for that - we (well, you, actually) voted for a center-left pragmatist.

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