Monday, March 09, 2009

Folk Song Army

In a recent comment section, someone linked to Tom Lehrer's "The Folk Song Army." (Was it Gringo? Carl? Gringo, you would like Carl's site, BTW)

Yeah, I know that was only his voice, not Lehrer in performance - though you've got to like Pete Seeger in that Lenin pose. But I hate to tease the audience that way, so here's Lehrer live - so many to choose from.


@nooil4pacifists said...

Not me. But I grew up listening to Lehrer and have all his albums. A friend who teaches at U.C. Santa Cruz told me that Lehrer's retirement party, when he finally quit teaching there a few years ago, turned into a bacchanalia.

Anonymous said...

It was I, in response to one of Copithorne's smugger postings. What amazes me about Tom Lehrer is how well his songs have worn over the years, even though many were about political issues a half century ago.

When I was part of the Folk Song Army, I did not appreciate the song, but after I left the FSA, the song grew on me.

I picked up the habit of reading Carl's blog from your link.