Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Road Rally Coming

What we call a road rally is more a puzzle hunt in cars - it's not the classic cars driving around thing.

I am doing a simple one for the highschool students as a CHIC 2009 bonding thing. The actual event will be in May. Prior to that I will need people to test it in April. It will be 2 destinations in Concord, 2 in Bow, 2 in Dunbarton, and 2 in Goffstown, ending here. BSKing, Erin, and Boethius might all be interested in testing it. (Bethany will have a significant advantage in one section). Jonathan has grudgingly said yes and will offer it to his Monday small group - Lauren and Tim should be game, with more enthusiasm than accuracy, I imagine.

For those from my church, for the actual competition in May there must be both adults and kids in each car - and you can't drive your own kids. We're going to spread this around.


bs king said...

Awesome, I was just thinking the other day how I missed these. I'll be a lab rat for sure, especially if I have an advantage.

Boethius said...

Boethius is up for it.....I will get Dani, Lorry and Jared involved as well.

Erin said...

Count me in as well. Just don't schedule it on a school night!