Friday, March 20, 2009

School Conference

Today I went to teacher conferences for the eighth child (includes three foster children, one of which, admittedly, was doing fine late in highschool and we just wanted to check in). Thirteen schools, starting with Miss Jacques in Manchester in 1977 and including two in Romania in 2001. Spanning thirty-two years and including over seventy teachers - I didn’t count St. Andrew’s Musical Kindergarten, as I don’t think we actually conferred with anyone there – we just sent the kid and showed up for closing exercises in June. I’m glad we weren’t the sort of parents who intervened on our children’s behalf while they were in college, or it would be more.

And you know what? It's easier now. I can download the information to cause teachers to see my child the way I want in just a few minutes now. I can spot-translate their comments without having to review it after with my wife.

They like Kyle. He's polite, he's witty, he doesn't look for trouble. For a kid who has missed 23 days and been tardy 28 this year, he's doing fine.

The secret to being a great parent is having nice kids who make you look good.

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Dubbahdee said...

I took a class in Directing in college. Most important thing I walked away with was "75% of directing is casting."

I lack your experience, but what you said seems about right to me.