Thursday, March 26, 2009

Blog Neglect

I apologise to the folks whose sites I regularly comment on that I haven't been over. Integrating a fifth son into our schedule has been smoother than expected, but not without its inconveniences. Posting less is one thing, but I'm generally a better commenter than initiator, and reading without interacting at your sites is a move away from my strengths. I'm sure you'll all do fine without me, but I thought it polite to at least explain my absence. Next week will be worse, as I go down to Parris Island for Chris's graduation from boot camp.

I have also been frustrated enough by the truly amazing list of Obama problems to return to some deeper, more timeless reading in order to get perspective. I should do more of that anyway, rather than merely reacting to the events of the day, but I have more incentive now. We may be at a precipice, and sudden, instinctive moves on our part might be dangerous. Pick up your Bible, your Plato, your Marcus Aurelius, your Chesterton or Chanson.


Ben Wyman said...

You should understand that the average person feels that Obama's doing a very good job. Nothing's sunk in yet on that front. Despite the fact that they would be hard-pressed to come up with one positive from his Presidency so far, they can't necessarily think of anything he's done wrong. I certainly can.

Anonymous said...

Obama's actions are scaring me spitless. So much of what he asks for is unconstitutional or will result in much evil. I am watching a tsunami approaching and everyone is playing on the sand rejoicing that the great big boogiebush is gone. When I think how Bush 17 times tried to get congress to act on the fannies and derivatives.... aw, I'd better stop the rant now.
God is good.
And congratulations on your son making it through boot camp. Not all people do. Most marines aren't marines for very long, but they are changed forever. I love those jarheads. We airforce people make lots of jokes about them, but we also admire them tremendously.