Sunday, March 22, 2009

Judd Gregg

Judd Gregg is retiring from the Senate in 2010.

So, Judd Gregg for President, 2012.

Today on CNN "State of the Union" Gregg said the massive budget will bankrupt the economy. By nominating him to Commerce, Obama has already implicitly stated that a lot of Democrats don't think Gregg is an uncooperative crazy Republican that no one can work with. The far left went nuts over the nomination, saying that Gregg is an extremist conservative, but those are good enemies to have. Judd has a lifetime American Conservative Union rating of about 80, a bit low by national Republican standards, but high for the Northeast. Way higher than Specter, Snow, and Collins. Most of his lost points are on environmental issues.

I'm looking for 60% of the vote next time, not 50.3%


Anonymous said...

In the late 1980s then Congressman Judd Gregg ran (successfully it turns out) for NH Governor and I served on a small group advising Gregg on environmental issues. His position has always been that of a conservationist in the tradition of Teddy Roosevelt, not a preservationist. That hasn’t won him points among the strident Greens (don’t count on VT voting for presidential candidate Gregg), but his pragmatism and balanced views on environmental matters wear well with many of our heartland and western states. It would an interesting race. He is a bit charisma challenged, but maybe the country will be “charisma-ed” out after three years of Obama. How many times can you go on Leno?

Boethius said...

Great idea, AVI. You should approach him with the idea so he can begin raising cash now!

Terro said...

Judd Gregg will never be elected president. He thinks too much and has a dour countenance. I realize how superficial these statements are, but consider the typical American voter who is issue-adverse and most used to casting ballots for American Idol. We need a charismatic conservative.

Bob Cosmos said...

It's not about Gregg -- at this point it is about ABO. Anyone but Obama.

The man is a nightmare.