Thursday, October 16, 2008

Whole Hog - With Pain

Yeah, I like being ironic with the ABBA pictures, because everyone knew, I mean just knew and you didn't even have to explain it, that ABBA was an uncool, toothy, pop band. Ewww.

The Mamas and the Papas, though, they were cool. Everyone knew that.

Except now I'm not seeing a definable difference. My own irony bites me back.


Anonymous said...

AVI, you and I are the same age and, let's face it, Michelle Phillips was an early teen boy's dream! That's why we thought they were great! We had our own California Dreamin' going on. By the time ABBA came along, we had moved on and there was another generation of early teenage boys who were smitten. It's all generational. And, yes, you have come to the correct conclusion, there wasn't much difference. Except that the Mamas and Papas have never had a musical made from their music.

Anonymous said...

Interesting comparison, and a valid one.It had never crossed my mind.

One difference is that the females of the Mamas and Papas included a weight challenged person, while the ABBA females were both slender.

Another point of comparison is that both groups had some folk music origins- as did the Beatles via skiffle.

Assistant Village Idiot said...
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Assistant Village Idiot said...

Gringo, don't I know it. As you can see from this earlier post, I actually have one of Bjorn Ulvaeus's folk albums, when he sang with The Northern Lights

Anonymous said...

"Except that the Mamas and Papas have never had a musical made from their music."

Hmmm. Great idea. I'm going to run it by my Hollywood agent this afternoon. If it flies I'll cut you in for 10%.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, akafred, I'll hold you to that.