Wednesday, October 29, 2008

They Don't Mean It

Progressives have put a lot of energy into bemoaning how stupid Sarah Palin is, giving that as one of the reasons they could not consider voting for her. They deceive themselves. If that were true, John Sununu would have a 20-point lead on Jeanne Shaheen for the Senate in New Hampshire. In reality, he is running behind Shaheen, and has slightly less support than McCain.

Senator Sununu has 30 IQ points on ex-Governor Shaheen – maybe more. He has Washington experience; she was a cipher as governor. It is an elegant reverse of the stereotype of Palin. It has made no difference in his election chances.


Larry Sheldon said...

I wonder when people will get it.

There is but one reason for the hatred for Sarah Palin.

It is that she is a woman who was not trained by, dependent upon, and beholden to a beltway bandit.

There is no other reason. That she has fought the good old boys and won is a major defect.

Donna B. said...

Wouldn't it be interesting (as in fun, not necessarily meaningful) to see actual IQ test results from Palin, Biden, McCain, and Obama?

Larry Sheldon said...

I suppose that there might be some entertainment value in watching the reactions to such a disclosure, as a person who for most his life has been accused of an abnormal IQ and worked much of it in environments populated with people of certified abnormal IQ's I don't think it would be a predictor of anything in particular.

Erin said...

Not sure if anyone's still checking this far down the blog, but this was in today's paper:

Assistant Village Idiot said...

Larry - fugitives from the law of averages

Larry Sheldon said...

Be an interesting experiment, I suppose, to guess how they rank.

Would say more about the guessers that the victims, I think.

With that thought I' guess the order to (from highest to lowest):

(I could accept the reverse)
in a tight cluster with

a distant distant fourth

Donna B. said...

Larry, I certainly agree with you on Biden!

Poor guy, he's probably very likable and entertaining at a cocktail party. I bet he tells great stories.