Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Just before leaving work, I spoke with the evening nurses. I mentioned the neo-nazi kids who were plotting to kill so many people, and Jules Crittenden’s post about how androgynous they look (Tranny nazis? Who knew?). We briefly discussed how hard it can be to get evidence to prosecute such people, and whether it was easier now in the internet age. Security at Obama events was discussed. One of the nurses, who is new and I have never spoken with before shook his head sadly. “Republicans are so hate-filled.”

Gee, thanks. What enormous sense of entitlement must be going through a person’s head that he makes public bigoted comments at work to people he doesn’t know? I can’t imagine making a similar statement and not being written up.

I imagine there could be jobs where the reverse occurs. But that’s what working in human services is like.


Anonymous said...

Another dentist asked my husband why he wanted poor people to starve.

Chris said...

My supervisor was asking about Colin Powell's endorsement of Obama, and I said that Powell wasn't much of a conservative, and that he was to the left of most of the Republican party. My supervisor replied that he was darker than most Republicans.

I left rather than ask him why he had just called me a racist.

Chris said...

Oh, and apropos of something, he is probably more intelligent than me, but has poor social skills. Needless to say (snigger), he's a liberal.

I love being condescending in the morning.

Donna B. said...

When I worked at a mental health agency, I knew better than to speak up when anything political was said. The boss was an extreme liberal modern feminist.

I still haven't recovered from working there.