Thursday, October 23, 2008

No One Asked...

...but my suspicion is the attack on the McCain worker is at least partly a hoax.


Anonymous said...

Two who concur with you, neither of them Obamocrats. Your BS meter undoubtedly honed by your work.


Michelle Malkin

Donna B. said...

Though I've no credentials other than having lived more than half a century, yeah... AT LEAST part hoax.

And not even a good one. Which is the only thing that keeps me from believing completely that it is a hoax.

AGGGHHHH... I can't hold either candidate responsible for their supporters, much as I'd like to because Obama's seem crazier to me.

It's enough for me that Obama's stated policies and goals, and his avenue of reaching them irk me.

Larry Sheldon said...

I have no direct information about the case--all I know is from sources that might be said to wish the story to be true.

And from first reading, this one smelled bad to me (no, I don't think I said so on-record anywhere--I am not claiming priority).

I am not an expert at anything except having lived 70 years, raised three kids who brought home a fairly comprehensive set of injuries, including several that involved loss of blood.