Friday, October 17, 2008

Tim Sample

For those who like the Bert & I style Downeast humor of Maine, Neco Dracones has three Tim Sample videos. I listen to this and can't get past the thought "Bob Bond," my son's father-in-law who lives in Jackson, New Hampsha, just over the border from Maine.

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Anonymous said...

Love that Mainuh humor. Homer Babbidge, who wrote the liner notes for the original "Bert and I," spoke at my high school commencement. We were as aware of his having written the liner notes as of his occupational significance.

There is a certain resemblance between the Downeast Maine accent and certain old Southern accents, at least as spoken by elderly rural Texans from families who had come from Tennessee.Such as: speaking rather slowly. Such as: dropping the r's. " A dollah" is not found only in Noo Yawk and New England.Some dipthonging, but not necessarily on the same words: goo-ud in Maine and other parts of New England, "steel" for "still" in the South.