Thursday, October 02, 2008


Sarah has not been in the top ten girl's names the last two years. I wonder if a late surge will bring it in this year. We likely won't get a really good handle on how popular it is in evangelical circles until six years from now, when they enter Christian schools and homeschooling groups, but church nursery workers should get a good early reading on it.

Of course, Sarah was a pretty common name in evangelical (and Jewish) circles already. Bristol will likely take a dive in the standings - evangelical moms may like her but not want to push their luck. We'll see how Willow and Piper do. I don't imagine Track and Trig are going to crack the top 100 boy's names, though.

There might be an upsurge in Baracks among African-Americans and complete lefties, but I also doubt that John and Joe are going to do any better than usual.

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Anonymous said...

I hear they'll be naming the next boy "Calc". ;)