Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Okay, Maybe I've Changed My Mind

I just said that the ACORN registrations were no big deal.

Maybe I was premature in that. 200,000 suspect registrations?

Update: This is where the sheer mass of numbers start to create importance. Let us assume that 90% of those 200K are legitimate registrations with a technical error, such as two numbers transposed in the SSN or something. Then assume that of the remaining 20,000, 90% don't show up to vote. That's still 2,000 votes fraudulent votes.

O Bloody Hell's comment is a good one: if they don't think they are going to turn into some votes, why do they put so much energy into these registrations?


OBloodyHell said...

What, that's only TWICE what Bush won Ohio with last time. What the big deal?


OBloodyHell said...

And from your previous thread on ACORN:

> mounting into the thousands raises the specter that those registrations could at least theoretically turn into votes. Appalling.

I'm curious about various "immediate voting", in which the registration occurs and the vote is cast at the same time, much as an absentee ballot.

What situations has this been applied to? How many "registrations" by ACORN include this sort of advance ballot? Want to bet that the registree didn't fill out the form? Or that, if they did, and it wasn't for Obama, that it got tossed?

I keep hearing claims that "it's just registration"... really? Then why is it happening? If they don't see something of advantage to it, then what is the purpose to them?

I cite that such "absentee ballots" ("advance ballots", whatever) are at least part of the matter. I want to know what THISE stats are in these areas with excessive fraudulent registration.

Yeah, SOME of these people are stupid. Even a lot. But there are also those among them who are rat shrewd in playing the system.

...And some of them have been playing in the little corrupt environment of Chicago politics for decades.