Sunday, October 26, 2008

Those Terrible American Students

My nephew sent this link from Boston Magazine that challenges the myth that American students are worse than our international competitors. In brief, 1) the studies which show us in a bad light are often comparing apples and oranges, 2) the American system is different and better suited to developing people who continue to learn as adults, and 3) 70% of American schools are just fine - best in the world, but the bottom 30% are so terrible it skews our numbers.

This is a favorite topic of mine. I noted in 2006 that our supposedly moronic teenagers have been going on to rule the world for several generations now.

So, 30% of American schools being inadequate is too much - but let's keep the problem in focus.


Der Hahn said...
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Der Hahn said...

I have reccuring conversations with my g/f about this. She remains firmly convinced that our schools are horrible compared to the rest of the world despite the fact that her three daughters and many of their friends have done just fine. It makes me wonder if the meme is propelled partially by the unease felt by all previous generations as they watch the growth of the current. (thinking of those famous comments from the Ancients about the 'kids these days')