Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Palin Rally

We attended the Sarah Palin rally in Salem tonight, Tracy, Heidi, Emily, and I. I have never been to a political rally before. I think she gave what used to be called a stump speech - nothing new, touched all the bases, a few bits of local interest for the crowd. It was well-delivered. A few laugh lines. I am pleased that her voice does not irritate me as it did at first. There were a few Obama supporters in Hallowe'en masks - something about how scary McCain's health care plan is. I was glad to see them there, as few and as lame as they were. This is America, and I hope there are a few McCain people at every Obama rally as well, even if they are equally lame.

I wish I were EB White, able to evoke the scene for you.


OBloodyHell said...

> I wish I were EB White, able to evoke the scene for you.

Wattreyu, some kinda racist rethuglican?

You trying to make some kinda "nuanced" comment about Obama being black?




Anonymous said...


I was there also. Was following a couple of late HS/early college age girls out of the venue and one says to the other, "I met a lot of nice Republicans tonight."

I kid you not.