Monday, January 11, 2021

Village Trestle

Barstool Sports has a program to help keep some bars and restaurants afloat during Covid. They chose one of Goffstown's restaurants, whose moving story is worth linking to. It was in walking distance of the house I lived in until April, and we used it for Men's Beer Night regularly. I assume we will whenever beer night goes live again.

I have mentioned, or at least alluded to it before to Grim, either at his own site or here, because he keeps threatening to take another motorcycle trip north and I think he would like the place.  It attracts a lot of bikers in groups, because it is on a couple of scenic circuits and there aren't many restaurants on those routes. The baseball or hockey game is on when there is one, it has a lot of military-friendly decor and posters, there are pool tables and live entertainment by local performers. As you can see from the link, these are very good people. The food is pretty good - a notch above plain fare because one of the owners trained at fancier restaurants and tries to keep his hand in the game, elevating the local tastes above the (very good) cheeseburgers and onion rings when they let him.

My daughter-in-law has remained wary of the place, as the posters advertising the coming events are of the young-women-in-maid's-uniform type, which she prefers to keep her daughters away from at present. Particularly the younger one (9), who might think that was a fabulous idea for a costume. She did consent to their take-out this week.

Interestingly, the breakfast and lunch restaurant across the street, The Blue Moose Cafe, which is run by a friend of Son #5, has experienced a surge in business since all the local news stories about the Trestle came out. I have heard of spillover effects like this, but don't always understand what is happening to create them.

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Grim said...

Occasionally I complete my threats, though my friends in the north have moved back south. My next planned road trip is to Mobile.