Wednesday, January 06, 2021


What I have criticised liberals of for years, of encouraging paranoia and making excuses for violence, is today true of conservatives.  I don't know exactly who the rioters are, or if some of them are false-flag, plants, or simply people looking for an excuse to be violent. But conservatives have encouraged the idea that the election fraud is so obvious and so deep and so resistant to remedy that perhaps...maybe...I don't agree myself but who can blame them, really...violence is a legitimate alternative. The same thing that caused me to leave liberalism decades ago*, of peaceniks who shrugged at violence from their side, so long as their hands weren't dirty. Some sources are rightfully condemning this, others are condemning but then in the next sentence going to excuses of well what do the Democrats expect, they've been doing this for four or even more years.  That's too quick for comfort, too much of the guy in the bar saying"I'm not looking for a fight, but if anyone disrespects me..." Yeah, that's looking for a fight.

Analysis and distributed blame can come later.  Right now anything other than condemnation is inflammatory. Small riots are still riots, just as we have been saying ourselves through this long summer and for years before.

* Okay, I'm getting heated myself here.  That was one of the things that caused me to leave liberalism.  This is just one of them.


GraniteDad said...


Boxty said...

In 2021 both the seasonal flu *and* Antifa counter protesters have disappeared. Amazing.

Fredrick said...

Boxty - antifa appeared inside the capital building as planned. Antifa get's the fist up photo, a female AF veteran gets a kill shot to the head by the D.C. police. I can't wait to see the body cam footage. Oh, the left is now talking about expelling a hundred or so House members who protested the vote (not the one in 2016) and they are demanding a 25th amendment removal of Trump with 2 weeks to go. Their fear is palpable.

Earl Wajenberg said...

I think you'll find the fear is palpable on both sides of the aisle, and rightly so.