Friday, January 29, 2021

Encouraging Vaccine Information

 Israel's results shortly after the second shot are even better than expected.


james said...

Do you mean the improvement in their "likability"?(*)
92% isn't bad--not quite what was advertised, but an improvement.

(*) For historical reference: the Post may correct their subhead, but right now it says "Maccabi health fund releases preliminary results of a study comparing vaccinated and not vaccinated members’ likability to contract the disease and said vaccine 92% effective."

Texan99 said...

They're doing a fantastic job, as usual. The 92% figure isn't their doing, that's just news about whether the immunity suggested by the trials will be borne out in the larger-scale public rollout, not in Israel's control. What Israel does deserve credit for is vaccinating so many people so fast, and getting us decent data right away.