Sunday, January 24, 2021

How to Become Rich

The quickest way to get rich is to give things away, both goods and money. When one gives impulsively, it is usually in response to guilt or an emotional appeal. The recipient is still helped, but you are unchanged. However, if you start giving intentionally, you want to do that with some intelligence, thinking. "I don't need this stimulus check.  What's the place that it will do the most good?" As you contemplate what groups or individuals in your life need you are constantly reminded that you have these things. Food For Children is a charity our church supports. It is no longer food only for children, but it is for people who have little to spare, and getting some of their food needs met allows them to buy other things, such as fuel, car repairs, boots. And you notice you have those things.  As you try to give wisely, you notice how you have what you need in life, and begin to see what you thought of as necessities as nice extras you are fortunate to have.

Spiritual wealth comes from praying for others. "Jason's company is laying people off. He needs a job."  You think I have a job.  I'm very lucky here. And you hear stories that remind you of your amazing good fortune. "Their daughter disappeared eight years ago.  They don't know what happened to her."

Sometimes these realisations of how prosperous you really are come to you in dramatic moments and clear thoughts, but those usually don't last very long.  We are quick to take things for granted.  You can't rely on those "aha!" moments. But as you just go along giving things away it works on you slowly, and you see yourself as more prosperous. It catches you by surprise when you run into someone and think Huh.  I used to envy him. How long ago was that? 

We gave out of duty for many years, and I think one can't start out any other way.  I doubt that we could have taken any other road, anyway.  Maybe some can.

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