Monday, January 11, 2021

Lullaby of Broadway

Huge geometric sets like this were popular at the time, partly because they were a novelty.  One couldn't have a stage set like this, as it would take up the entire theater. Even when motion-picture cameras came in one could not do this at first.  Only when the camera "was taken off the floor" could you even think of such things.  I think it was Berkeley who did take it off the floor, though there may have been earlier versions I am not aware of.  It was certainly he who made it dramatic and popular, with "dance" routines of women lying on the floor in geometric patterns filmed from directly overhead, looking like a kaleidoscope, or huge dance numbers that are more like processions. 

Fun stuff, though, isn't it? 



Sam L. said...

Busby was a genius. I loved his movies; saw them on TCM.

Roy Lofquist said...

And of course this:

Assistant Village Idiot said...

One more reason why you should watch Blazing Saddles all you can now, because it's not going to be allowed for long.