Thursday, January 21, 2021

Mask Advantage

In the context of the sudden popularity of memes inserting Bernie Sanders in his mask sitting in grouchy isolation into a hundred other situations, someone pointed out that an advantage of wearing a mask is that you don't have to make pleasant faces. Bernie's eyebrows and body language leak out his true feelings here, but the point is a good one. Some people may continue with masks for longer than they need to for non-health-related reasons.

My own reading of Bernie in that moment is "I'm done even shaking my fist at the sky." I've never felt closer to the man.

Update: You can also murmur curses without detection.  The downside is you might get used to it and keep doing that once the mask is gone.


Sam L. said...

Masks are also good for stick-ups, and Who WAS that masked person????

Donna B. said...

Masks, tobaggans, and multiple layers suit me just fine. I'm worried about summer temperatures when I'm going to have to give up all but the mask. I'm going to wear one for 6 weeks after getting the full dose of the vaccine. I've been working on making sure that my eyes smile, and I think it's going well, judging by the tone of voice of people I interact with. Note, that's very few people!