Wednesday, December 09, 2020

Time Suck, If you want it

 While looking for something else I saw my whole month of posts for January 2011.

It was the month that Jared Loughner shot Gabby Giffords, and includes media bias discussions. (Hint: He wasn't one of those antigovernment right wingers, nor did he see Sarah Palin's website, nor did her website have Giffords in the crosshairs - that would be Obama about Wayne LaPierre - but you would think so from the reporting.) I described the puzzle hunts I used to design.  We had discussions about whether it was ever proper for Christians to run up the score, and lots of other topics I had forgotten. Chesterton humorously on Buddhism vs Christianity. Ignore the posts about my songs, unless you really like Arthurian legends. Also, I linked to earlier years, as was common for me then, as I would do "best of" posts four years later in those days. Skim at most.  Though you could go down the rabbit hole to all sorts of stuff.

Sad that I find myself so fascinating, yes.  But I am amazed at how much sense I made in the old days whenever I visit them. More than now, really.  Except not always, when I think "that wasn't my best now, was it?"


james said...

It is disconcerting to see how many links broke after just a few years.

Assistant Village Idiot said...

Yes, especially the pictures, which are usually a time suck for me to put in to begin with.

james said...

I was chasing an old post of mine, and discouraged to discover that in several places the picture or video that was central to the story was gone.
Before I wanted to be a physicist, I wanted to be an archaeologist. I guess that's still possible--there are always strange ruins to explore.

Douglas2 said...

It was a time suck - I'm thinking that that era was before I'd stumbled across this place, so it was all new to me -- and I found myself hitting the "Older Posts" buttons many times before deciding that it was well past time for bed.


Assistant Village Idiot said...

Thank you. I am gratified.