Wednesday, December 23, 2020

The Worst Weather In The World

These are the best photos of the year from the Mount Washington Observatory. Even in summer a snowstorm can suddenly come in even though you were in bright sun and moderate temperatures just an hour or so before. The record for strongest winds - though disputed recently - still holds at 234 mph. 


Dave said...

This is a classic - breakfast of champions:

Aggie said...

I still have very fond memories of Marty Engstrom and his team, including cats, broadcasting the weather from Mt. Washington. He had the best down-east drawl, the driest humor, and the nerdiest glasses and pocket protectors around.

Philip Sells said...

Hi there. That was very pretty. I was up there only once, about 2008 or something like that, in October. It's a magical place; I think one is bound to see at least one fascinating thing at that summit.