Sunday, December 06, 2020


Though David French's new piece on Christian Celebrity is not based on CS Lewis, he is referenced and quoted, and I thought it a propos to our discussion here. I had offered the opinion this morning that non-denoms were likely particularly vulnerable because there is little or no accountability structure, but the examples French gives include denominational offenders. His point that celebrity itself can make you think you are above the rules.  I also wonder if those prone to mania are more susceptible.

Moreover, the celebrity’s apparent talent and relevant success teach him to do the things he must not do: to trust himself, to believe that he is a person of virtue, to believe that he is important. This is particularly dangerous when talent and success almost always create both opportunity and motive for serious sin.

French writes about the qualities that offer some protection, the first of which is humility.  He closes with an aside about his time in Iraq during The Surge as a lead in to an interesting version of a Christmas carol.


PenGun said...

So this priest had an affair in a trendy church. I am amused by Christianity as it embraces the trivial and ignores the real profundity inherent in your religion.

The same nun reading from Thomas Merton

james said...

IIRC, Peter had some reason to think he was doing well: walker on water, approved as recognizing who Jesus was--but somehow he managed to fail. Luckily the story didn't end there.

A thrill of hope, the weary world rejoices for yonder breaks a new and glorious morn

Unknown said...

Even Christians in the limelight need someone, just out of the light, whispering to them:
"Thou Art But Mortal"