Monday, December 14, 2020

Just Checking The Options, Here

Or the other possibility is that there wasn't actually massive voter fraud.


Christopher B said...

For all the screaming about millions of fraudulent votes, Biden won by

about 10K votes in AZ
about 12K votes in GA
about 20K votes in WI
about 33K votes in NV
about 80K votes in PA

Strategically remove between 75K (AZ + GA + WI + NV) and 102K (WI + GA + PA) votes from Biden's total and he loses the election in the EC.

Biden won by a narrower margin than Trump did in 2016.

james said...

In WI the get-out-the-vote push was intense--in heavily populated areas. I can't say much about the countryside.

random observer said...

There probably only ever is modest voter fraud. Sometimes it's enough, though I can't say in any given case.

Just as there is only ever modest voter suppression, unless by that one mean's requiring people to identify themselves and prove their citizenship and residency.