Tuesday, December 29, 2020

The Year Reheated

David Thompson serves up his best links of the year, and his commenters are wonderful, as usual. It begins with

The year began with a display of the Guardian’s famed sense of proportion, with the paper’s Barbara Ellen informing us, emphatically, that, “We’re nearly all vegan now” - we being the general population - before asking with equal confidence, “Who isn’t vegan in some way these days?” The Vegan Society, meanwhile, acknowledged that the demographic in question amounts to barely 1% of the British population

 Along the way, we have also

Meanwhile, in Salon, Ms Alex Dew, a woman for whom the word overwrought scarcely does justice, needed us to know that “My houseplant garden is a tiny national park that Donald Trump can never destroy.” 

Thompson has a remarkably good eye for finding these pieces, so that we don't have to.  He sometimes links to performance art, as well. I will note again that "performance art" by young women often seems to be centered around getting naked or down to underwear, in the company of something like a cabbage, or talcum powder, or a single tap shoe.  I'm sure we can all see the significance of that.


james said...

An aspect of performance art I had overlooked... At least that variety communicates at least one clear meaning: a LAM signal.

Sam L. said...

Vegan? I'm a MEAT eater, with a spoonful of veggies...on the other side of the table.

Korora said...

You know, it isn't healthy to go combing the Internet for bad opinions people have.