Wednesday, December 30, 2020


While looking for that Distributism post in June 2011 I ran across many things I wrote that month that I liked.  But nothing topped this video. It has 33M viewings and comments are turned off, so I guess I not the only one who noticed. 

I announced at the time that any of my sons who brought something like this home - even though she has an MBA is is cute - is out of the family.  BTW - I think it's a performance and suspected it at the time, but I am  Still. Not. Sure.

Update:  Decided to look it up.  It's a performance, dreamed up on the spot and pretty good. Things too perfect to be true usually are indeed - not true.

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Grim said...

I am definitely not smart enough to have avoided the cat problem. We had seven cats when we first married. We have zero cats today, nor for the last 18 years. But there were once many of the damned things.

Now, I did teach them to fetch. That was kind of fun.