Monday, November 19, 2018

Testosterone Poisoning

Apparently this is now considered a terrible insult and indicates that the speaker hates boys and men.  I dunno, I used to use it about my sons and their friends.  I see the point, but I am not sure that the phrase has to be without its own entertainment value.  In my experience, it used to be used by people who had boys or knew them well, and were charmed as well as frustrated by boyish energy and the paths it could lead one down, good and bad.


Sam L. said...

I would presume it's a real favorite with feminists.

Grim said...

I always think of "testosterone poisoning" when I contemplate the thinness of the hair on my pate.

Christopher B said...

Context is everything. I've used it and agree that it's generally meant to be humorous, but it still tends to reinforce 'male (hormones) = bad.' I doubt that anybody calling a group of girls being generally chatty and giggly 'estrogen poisoned' would be given the benefit of the doubt.