Sunday, November 18, 2018

Condi Rice

There is a rumor that Condi Rice is being interviewed to be head coach of the Cleveland Browns.  My first thought was that these predominantly black, predominantly liberal NFL players weren't going to like this one bit.  Then it hit me that they are an average age of 25, and the Bush administration ended early 2009 - ten years ago.  How many football players paid close attention to national politics when they were 7-15 years old?

Now, there would be enough barkers and sneerers that they would learn pretty quickly what side they are supposed to be on.  But would they? They are involved in what we older ones perceive as a liberal cause around the National Anthem and police behavior, but this is largely because they are in the precise age group where they and their friends are affected, so that it's front-and-center to them.  Younger African Americans, especially males, are less liberal in attitudes than their elders and more often vote Republican.  Not a lot, but more.

It likely won't happen.  Rice's skills seem better suited to General Manager than Head Coach, and that job doesn't seem to be on the table.  It's mostly for show, I think.


Sam L. said...

What does Condi know about football? (Inquiring minds want to know, whether or not we care...)

Christopher B said...

She was a member of the initial College Football Playoff Selection Committee, and is reported to be a huge football fan. Her father was a football player, coach, and college president.

Assistant Village Idiot said...

She is a Cleveland Browns and Stanford fan. She knows her stuff. But coaching is different from managing.