Friday, November 23, 2018

Fantasy Football

I won both leagues last year but am last in one league (by far) and middle-of-the-pack in the other.  I am tempted every year to just drop the whole thing, for a variety of reasons.  Yet one league has been running since 1979, making it one of the oldest leagues in the country. It will hold its 40th anniversary draft, and first live one, next August in an Ohio state park resort near the Football Hall of Fame in Canton. I believe that when you get the opportunity to do something that few other people get to, you should take it, so I am in for at least one more year in that league. The other league is mostly family, with the few who aren't being almost family.  The banter has finally reached high quality this year, as we switched to text rather than email and commenting in the league bulletin boards online.

Have to go.  We are arguing about ridiculous ideas for next year's draft order just now.

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