Monday, November 12, 2018

Culture Series

I have done recent posts on culture.  I am collecting them here for convenience, to link to them later, and to cross-post them at Chicago Boyz as a group.

Culture Inspired by a link in the comments at Chicago Boyz, plus the discussion of birthright citizenship, I wondered what is being kept, what is discarded.  And who gets to decide?
Culture II - The reveal of where the video comes from.
Culture - Tipping Points.  There is worry about ecological tipping points.  what about economic and cultural ones? Includes internal links to my previous adult Sunday School class about the changes in hymnody lyrics over the centuries.
Culture and Preservation  Are we talking about keeping our ancient traditons, or only those of our grandparents?
Cultural Continuity - Close Examples.   Light discussion of which folkways are kept and which discarded among, food, location, religion.
States Turning When red states have a good economy, the new people who move in are more blue.
Cultural Irony How is it that those who have cut themselves off from tradition are the most adamant about identifying with the unfairness done to "their people?"

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