Saturday, November 03, 2018

Culture II

The video clip "I am an Englishman" is from a BBC series "NCS - Manhunt" in 2002.  It was in the second of two parts of a a series.  In the first part, it was established that Indian shop-owners were being killed by a right-wing extremist group. In the original context, to the original viewers, this speech in the second part therefore carried a sense of menace before the man even starts speaking. I don't know if this character is revealed to be one of the murderers or is simply an interesting part of the scene.  It's typical of the BBC, however, to focus on the violence of the native English rather than the immigrants, even though that is not where the rise in violent crime is coming from. It is also telling that the supposed extremist group is targeting Indians (Sikhs are quite peaceful) in an effort to show how bad and unreasonable they are.

To be fair about that, some white nationalists in England have been violent.

This is post 9/11, which would have been fresh in the mind even in Great Britain.  The actual terrorism in those years was mostly from the Real IRA.

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