Wednesday, May 02, 2012

TV Preferences

From a comment over at Chicago Boyz, the TV preferences of Democrats and Republicans.

It may be important to read the fine print. Some shows score well with both, just better on one side. The original post was about differences in Dem-Rep blogger attitudes. Also interesting.

It's a bit dated - Dec 2011.  So I raised my sons on sarcastic humor, probably because I was still a liberal when they were born and only gradually moved across the spectrum over the next decade.  A liberal time-bomb waiting to happen in my poor babies, who were trained to be secret liberals!  The guilt is overwhelming.

I have long claimed that this style of humor is endemic among liberals, and haven't liked the quality in myself.  I didn't expect to see it borne out in this way, though.  Funny thing is, I don't dislike that humor in the boys.  I think it's hysterical.

For the rest, I don't understand most of it, not having a TV.  Of what I have associations with the rest, I don't want to watch any of it.  Reality shows, dangerous work shows, and Dancing With The Stars to be a good Republican?  Ouch.  OTOH, I can be true to my culture and avoid The View, so that's okay.


james said...

Fine print indeed. Other evidence suggests this might be more or less true, but without some measure of how much they like these things I can't compare very well.

Hmm. A good infographic, anyone?

Gringo said...

Family friends resisted having a TV for decades. They listened to the Nixon-JFK debates on radio. Nixon came across a lot better on radio than he did on TV.

Dumb Pubs watch less TV than the oh-so brilliant Demos. Maybe because they know that watching the Idiot Box destroys Pub brain cells more than Demo brain cells. Demos are immune to TV, but Pubs are not.

bs king said...

I read a good article a while ago about Republican TV heros vs Dem ones...can't find it now. They talked about the antihero difference...Gibbs from NCIS was the big Repub one (cop with the strong sense of justice who does the right thing even if this means pissing off the higher ups). The Dems were in to more conflicted characters as I was an interesting comparison.

Texan99 said...

Funny -- I watch a good bit of TV, but I'd never heard of most of these shows, Rep or Dem, except for the police procedurals, which are among my favorites.

And South Park. Conservatives don't like South Park? Why not?

Der Hahn said...

IIRC the same crew did a Democrat/Republican restaurant preference chart that showed a decidedly, shall we say, 'stereotypical' skew if you take into account the party identification of certain racial groups.

Given the strong ethnic and social economic bias in party identification I have to wonder if those factors aren't more significant than politics in some of the analysis. Off the top of my head I recall both Starbucks and Panera Bread skewing Republican, which sounds a lot more of a SWPL preference than a policial statement.

Assistant Village Idiot said...

Der Hahn - or moderately chic eating once someone else has done the experimenting.

Gringo - Ditto the Quayle-Gore debates. On radio, Dan was better than Al and I couldn't believe everyone saying Gore had won next day. And listening to it a few years later, it was a joke. Quayle destroyed him. But campaign moments only exist in their context, not in any enduring manner.

Sam L. said...

Libs love newspapers because the newspapers are talking their language...and their memes.

NYT and WaPo = PRAVDA and TASS for the rest of us.