Tuesday, May 29, 2012


The 2009 Eurovision Song winner. In America, boy-band types don't know how to play gypsy fiddle. I should follow this event some year. The staging and choreography is usually quite elaborate, rather like a fireworks display, even if Europop is generally a little bland for my taste.

For the record, the song this replaced on the Finnish charts was "Nälkämaan laulu, Urhous-Remix," a modern politicised version of a poem by this guy.

Hard to figure out Finnish popular culture, I think.


Dubbahdee said...

Dude, he looks like you.

Or...are you actually living a double life as an obscure (in America) Finnish poet whose poems are being re-made into pops songs?

That would explain a lot actually.

Assistant Village Idiot said...

He does, doesn't he? And I do like vowels. I believe his poems are about the beauty of nature in his region - they have trees and rocks and snow - and the importance of showing strength in the face of hardship, like the people from his region do.

karrde said...

Interesting skill set for the boy-band.

I looked at the stamp of the Finnish poet, and realized that I recognize his name. Ilmari looks to be a shortened form of Ilmarinen, the magically-talented craftsman from Kalevala.

And Finnish culture must be a little different. We don't have many poets who get their works turned into popular song.

Sam L. said...

Carnac The Magnificent tells me your favorite vowel is A. Consonant: B.

Explains why you like ABBA.