Friday, May 25, 2012


We are having all the babies (and their parents, naturally) in our immediate experience over this Sunday.  Six minimum, maybe eight - though people with babies cancel at a higher rate than other couples.  Plus one woman pregnant with her first - you are also welcome, Bethany, should you be in town.

Nothing makes my wife happier.  "Any day I can hold a baby is a good day."  Kyle is heading for the exits and hoping to be on the other end of town.  I can't understand why a 16 y/o boy wouldn't want to spend his time with babies and people in their late twenties.


Donna B. said...

I agree with your wife.

karrde said...

I don't fully agree with Kyle, but I sympathize with him.

Not many teen boys want to be reminded of life outside the circle of people their own age.

bs king said...

karrde - I think you could probably delete the "teen boys" part of your sentence and replace it with "teens in general".

David - thanks for the invite. We actually were in NH, at a christening, so we were pretty surround by small ones all day anyway. Too bad it was in Hudson...not too easy to swing by from there.