Sunday, May 06, 2012

Just So You'll Know

Bethany King-McGoldrick, of the new blog we have have been pushing (and several of y'all have been visiting) Bad Data, Bad - sidebar - is in major life-transition mode. Sometimes people like to get a picture of who they are dealing with when reading blogs, but she doesn't like to brag, or is Yankee private, or something. So you are going to get the picture here. Ms. Data Analysis is pregnant with her first, just got a Master's this week, and also just bought a house. Which means she is now far more owned by her house, her degree, and her family than she was a year ago. We call that adulthood, and in an odd and paradoxical way, being owned is indeed a freedom. She has twice as much understanding of what she is getting into than others her age, but two times zero is still zero, so that's not much. The readership of this blog is more in her parents' generation, and I hear y'all chuckling out there. Our connection is that we are friends of her parents and she is between the ages of our oldest two, who she went to school with. We have other connections with the family I will not describe here, but all-in-all, she is somewhat niece-ish to us. Other than getting married in an orchard at a winery - damn hippies - she is a noticeably solid person. Congratulations on many levels, Bethany.


james said...

Seconded. There are more kinds of adventures than those with lions or unclimbed mountains.

Jan said...

As a chemist who gave up watching tv because I kept screaming at the screen "You can't say that!" or more maturely "Nuh-uh!" I have become a big fan of her blog.

karrde said...

I must be the exception, age-wise (and parentally-experienced-wise).

But I often prefer my elders to those my own age, for company.

With that in mind, I offer cautious congratulations to her. A child is a big, new thing.

(As is an M.S., and an abode with your own name on the title deed...even if that is mainly so that you have security for a loan worth 1.5 times your salary.)

Gringo said...

Other than getting married in an orchard at a winery

Boone's Apple Wine? :)

Texan99 said...

Jan, my husband always calls the 5pm news "yelling at the TV." I'm going to see if I can convert him to "nuh-UH."

bs king said...

Awe gee. "Noticeably solid". I think I'm putting that on my resume.

And I will not take a "damn hippie" comment from a man who drove me to school in a Vanagon.

I will take the congratulations though, and say thank you. It's been a busy year.