Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Child Control

A young woman in the hospital lobby was having trouble getting her son, about four, to mind what she said.  She is deathly skinny, slightly Goth - the boy in profane black T-shirt, already hyperkinetic.  "Don't walk on your tiptoes!  Heels first!"

Seems like misplaced priorities.  At a minimum, what in the world is inappropriate about a four-year-old boy experimenting with different ways of walking just because they are fun, and he is sick of sitting still in a hospital lobby?  A waste of energy to get him to stop that.


lelia said...

I would assume that he was not "experimenting", but rather that he was a toe-walker. My aspie niece had surgery to try to correct her toe-walking. I remember teaching myself to walk heel-first, not because anybody mentioned it, but because I saw that was how everyone else walked. I was desperately trying to fit in. Never did.

Texan99 said...

At the age of four, he's probably figured out long since that there's absolutely no percentage in doing what she tells him.

Anonymous said...

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