Saturday, May 12, 2012


Forgot to mention:  on my trips north to bash around climbing things, I three times passed a bookstore on 115A in Jefferson called Fishnet, with a cross logo.

Sorry, I just automatically think of stockings, which I think is not where they want me to go.  Unless it's part of a much stranger group, that I have yet to hear anything about. Perhaps it is just part of an era that I make that association.  A college girlfriend wore orange fishnet hose, which already seemed to be drawing on earlier styles a bit - not so much creepy as puzzling.  Four decades later, maybe that association is seldom there for passersby, and fishnet is entirely innocent again.


Sam L. said...

Symptom of age--yours, mine, when we grew up. Cultural reference. They will come back, as fashions do.

james said...

They still seem fairly popular with goth types. I see them in photos from State Street Halloween every year too. They never completely went away.