Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Third Party

Instapundit notes that Rush Limbaugh was explicit about this in his monologue today, warning Republicans that a return to business as usual would be their last chance. Palin hinted at the same. Links and comments seemed to give considerable credibility to the idea. One said he had scratched down DFTU: Don't F*** This Up on a work notepad.

Here's something to keep an eye on: a year is enough to get a high-profile third party going and credible. I don't know about winning in too many places, but credible is within reach. So on top of watching the behavior of elected Republicans beginning in January, keep an eye on NH, Iowa, and SC a year later. Those are different states with different kinds of Republicans and Democrats - together, a pretty broad sweep. Check the polls, and check the nominees. If the Republicans don't put up someone acceptable to the Tea Party - not necessarily their first choice but someone they feel they can get behind - then look for a third party to ramp up pretty quickly. Local candidates can get the nomination of both the Republicans and the third party. Senate and House candidates might swing that, but it will be tougher.

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Rather efficient example of the Left's "superior intelligence".
Superior hive intelligence perhaps.