Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Push Polls

My new strategy- find out which candidate they're pushing for, then take their out-of-context quotes and tell them it makes me support the other candidate more.

My favorite part- taking the "would knowing that John Lynch supports releasing violent sex offenders all the time because he's a lying weasel" question and saying that it definitely increased my support of him.

Take that, John Stephen.


Assistant Village Idiot said...

Love this

akafred said...

Ah, the ol' curveball trick. Years ago I was renovating a kitchen on a Saturday afternoon, all hot and dusty, when a gleeful telemarketer called. Asking expectedly, "Wouldn't you like to earn some extra cash for your wallet?" "Actually," I replied. "I have so much money now that I just can't find a way to spend it." In the deafening silence from the other end I just said, "But thanks for asking" and hung up.