Monday, October 04, 2010


Garrison Keillor is just this moment doing his Writer's Corner, or whatever-it's-called, on NPR. He mentioned Anne Rice, giving his usual precis about upbringing, plus her Facebook announcement leaving the Catholic Church and organised religion.

Let me assure you he would never have mentioned Ms. Rice when she was a horror writer - it would have been beneath him to sully an NPR arts and letters segment with such. It would also have been unlikely to the point of invisibility that he mentioned her upon her conversion and fictionalised biographies of Christ. And Keillor would be the most, not least likely of the NPR stable to touch on that topic.

It is just such a shame that the Religious Right is so intolerant, isn't it?


Brer said...

Ms. Rice seems fated to go through the whole history of Western Religion--paganism, Catholicism, and now what surely must be a form of Protestantism.

Gringo said...

I stopped listening to Keillor's Prairie Home Companion when I noted that there were a lot of repeats from recent months, which was an annoyance considering that there were decades of archives to choose from. IIIRC, there were some legal reasons for not going back to long ago shows as repeats, but still..

Assistant Village Idiot said...

Brer, she seems to have skipped over to that and gone straight to the more modern "I'm spiritual but I don't belong to any organised religion." Her beef was that Catholics and many Protestant groups aren't blessing homosexuality.