Friday, October 08, 2010


I was checking around the league for my fantasy football team, and found, running down the list, that I really like tight ends. I don't know any more about their personalities than other players - maybe less, in fact. I think I just like the idea of hybrid players, tight ends in particular. I've like them since Russ Francis played for the Patriots in the 70's. Defines all-around. He held the national HS record in the javelin (I thought he still held it until I looked it up), was a decathlete, won some of those made-for-TV jock competitions in the 80's, the ones where they have guys from different sports drag a refrigerator, row a boat, and run an obstacle course, went on to professional wrestling, and eventually touched down doing a radio show in Concord.

Where was I? Oh yeah, tight ends. Just something about them. Just after reading up on the league, I got an email from church, asking me if I'd ever taught Sunday School or run a small group. I replied that in a small church, like ours that just closed, everyone did everything, but yes, teaching was one of the things I did most often. Usually adults, but I've done just about everything except the toddlers, which are my wife's specialty. (And she is good.) Come to think of it, I have covered for her. And preached, led worship, done special music, youth group, a dozen other things. All reasonably well, though none brilliantly.

So it hit me. I'm a tight end. Okay, a backup tight end who also plays special teams, but still. You've got better receivers, but I'm there if you're in trouble. Better blockers, but I'll try and keep the wolf from the door. Adjust to trick plays on short notice, sure. Hell, I'll punt or throw if everyone else gets injured. You might not like the result as much as you hoped, but I'll show up.

TE's don't make the cover of Sports Illustrated. But every church needs a few.


Michael said...

To place it in baseball, on the 2010 Red Sox, you are Bill Hall.

Dubbahdee said...

You are a "tight end?"

Sorry. I couldn't resist.

Sam L. said...

Oh. Sorry. Bad thoughts here.

Sam L. said...

And furthermore: