Friday, October 22, 2010

And These Shall Be The Signs

In a fallen world, when a solution to the tragedies and problems of other people gives you a sense of relief, it may be merely a symbolic solution. Only when you know that your action has helped, but they are still largely on their own, is there some chance the gift is real.

For this reason, those who traffic in solutions that make us feel better should be viewed with the greater suspicion. Not because they are evil, but because we are only too willing to accept their belief they/we have done good.

And I'm not only talking about government and nonprofits here.


Retriever said...

Families enabling? People rallying to help the feckless "for the sake of the kid"? Say more, please.

Otherwise, I'll be flippant and say to double the sailors' rum ration and everyone will be happy. Temporarily.

Assistant Village Idiot said...

This was originally 2.5 pages long, then 1 page, then this. So those things occurred to me. But each example suggested immediately an opposite that I dared not leave out, so I resolved finally to narrow it to a general rule.

Sabio Lantz said...

The trafficking of solutions (love that phrase) should always be mistrusted -- especially if it only makes us feel good today! Good point.

Ymar said...

Obama's freaks and czars have invited in the ACLU, CAIR, and other Muslim Brotherhood fronts in America to sit in on the analysis of FBI/DHS investigation methods being used in the field.

There will be another attack before 2012. And it will be because Obama got rid of everything Bush did to defend this nation.

Wikileaks is a third party wannabe. Your own damn government is giving out your security secrets already.

Assistant Village Idiot said...

S-J, you do seem to be a decent human being.