Thursday, October 14, 2010


Hootie & The Blowfish owned 1995. Jonathan turned 16, I was still driving him to school, and we heard them a lot. Ben, turning 12, had just started to listen to the same music Jonathan liked and got energised by them as well.

As good as life gets.

When I told Jonathan I was posting a Hootie song, he reminded me that I had been prescient about Darius Rucker, noting that he had a great voice and style and would likely have a good solo career after they (inevitably) broke up. I hadn't remembered that - glad he did. Apparently Rucker is still working, an accomplishment in itself fifteen years later, and is now a country music singer. It fits, though I would never have predicted it.

I read the Wikipedia entry and found other oddments I hadn't known. Rucker sang for Sinatra at his 80th birthday and is a friend of Tiger Woods. It's hard to get those two thoughts into the same brain.


Isegoria said...

For any of your readers with children much younger than your own Jonathan, I recommend this version of "Hold My Hand".

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