Sunday, January 11, 2009

Virgin Atlantic

An excellent example of how to achieve sexiness without any actual, y'know, sex. Not even much flesh.

Sure, the male reactions are early vaudeville. But it works.

Thanks to Tigerhawk.


Anonymous said...

Early Vaudeville still works!

By the Bye, I've moved to GM's Place

Anonymous said...

Infinitely sexier than any Calvin Klein ad.

On a related topic, old movies--y'know, before the switch to the modern rating system--were a lot sexier than the modern "let it all hang out" ¢r@p.

bs king said...

I was just reading that apparently the color red triggers the most profound male response, for women's clothing colors that is.

And I agree with Anonymous. Mae West and Bette Davis could do things with one look that I see very few (if any) stars able to replicate today.