Thursday, January 22, 2009


Having a late cup of coffee can lead to a counteracting late glass of merlot, which can lead to changes in sleep. I seldom remember my dreams, but changes sometimes highlight them.

Other people’s dreams are boring, so I seldom mention any of mine. Occasionally there will be an unusual juxtaposition that has some entertainment value. But generally, the emotional content of dreams is as random as the narrative. One awakes feeling that a dream event was intensely important. But it’s not. Your brain just hit one of the “high meaning” buttons at the same time it hit the “ostrich” button just before you awoke, so you have the impression there is some significance to the ostrich.

Your friends are amusing in dreams whether they do something out of character, but even more amusing when they are in character. Your brain puts them in some unlikely situation, yet you know them well enough to predict their subsequent behavior.

Ben has some friend who does an ironic comic strip where everyone is a superhero, so no one is really. Rather like Xanth, but more egalitarian. It’s being made into a movie, and he brings in all these Wymans and assigns roles to create sample wisecracking dialogue.

Really, this is quite sensible. Someone should do this. Bethany, Erin, shouldn’t someone absolutely do this? Wouldn’t you love to do a guest appearance on that?

He draws superhero samples of us. I look good. Not as good as everyone else, but better than now. My sons think this is hysterically funny, that even in a fantasy world I still look more goofy than average. They ask what my superpower is, and the author doesn’t know. So far it’s just flying around. The boys find this uproarious as well. They insist I put on a cape, which looks ridiculous. The dream ends.

It would happen exactly like that. And they can find it humorous, but it sounds like heaven to me. Look a little better, fly around with no particular responsibilities? Golden. I’ll even wear a silly cape if it’s required.


Sam said...

I remember in church you always made a great shepherd, or person-dressed-in-bed-sheets-with-cane. Maybe this has something to do with your super power.

bs king said...

Whoa, someone should totally do this. I might do this. I like this idea.

Erin said...

Sam, it has to do with many years of practice as a bathrobe shepherd in annual "Jesse Tree" skits.

The comic idea is something I totally would have done with friends to pass time in study hall in high school. Or to pass time in classes, for that matter. We had a much more simplistic cartoon/game that involved more creativity and less actual thinking.

My word verification is "frvived" It sounds cool, and I wish it was a real word. But what would its definition be?

OBloodyHell said...

From what I've noticed as a connective thread in my own dreams seems to jibe with the notion that they are how the brain processes short-term memory into long-term memory. I've noticed underlying connections between what happened "today" (or recently) and past events.

Looking over the fragments of dreams I can recall (usually those which were happening when I woke up briefly) I can see this connective tissue being put into place.

That's an entirely subjective observation, and I don't put tremendous faith in it as Revealed Truth, but that's my take on it all at this point.